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Exciting New Branded Hotel Condo Investment Trends in Pattaya

Posted by Siam Casa Pattaya Property on March 27, 2017
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Keeping our fingers on the pulse of the Pattaya investment scene is what we do on a daily basis. Being situated on the frontline gives us the perfect position to take advantage of new and attractive investment opportunities and trends that are constantly evolving in the city. If you are looking for a secure investment that guarantees returns, we are the people to contact. Things have been growing rapidly in the past few months, and a new and exciting investment opportunity has presented itself that you just can’t afford to miss.

Changing times in the Pattaya condo investment market

At one time in the not too distant past, the Pattaya real estate scene was seen as the jewel in the crown of the local investment market, but things have shifted. One look at Pattaya and you will notice that the Pattaya real estate market has become swamped with condominium constructions, especially on Pratumnak Hill and certain parts of Pattaya and Jomtien.

Although this might be seen as healthy and a market on the rise, it has simply gone too far. There are now so many condominium developments in Pattaya that oversupply has become a major dilemma, especially for those who purchase Pattaya condos as an investment to take advantage of the myriad of guaranteed rental return programs available.

Because there are so many condo developers trying mimic the same rental return programs that only hotels can offer which make sense, there are fewer customers to go around, which has profoundly impacted the market and is currently playing havoc with developers, some of which are struggling to meet their promised returns, diluting the market considerably.

Pattaya Hotel Branded Apartments are Changing the City

If you are thinking of purchasing a Pattaya condo from development to make back rental returns, PLEASE STOP AND READ THE REST OF THIS ARTICLE.

The market has changed, and you need to act quickly to take advantage of the changes. The smart investments in Pattaya are now in the hotel-branded condo market, which is much more reliable and lucrative. With so many world-famous hotel brands in the city such as The Hilton, Amari and much more, would you rather invest your money in a standard condo developer or a worldwide brand? It’s a no-brainer!

Large branded hotels are similar to massive corporations and are backed by assets, unlike many of the city’s developers, which aids trust and reliability. Couple this with the FACT that massive hotel chains have multi-million-dollar market budgets and the expertise to promote your apartments and condos to a wide selection of potential holidaymakers just cements the trust and reliability even more.

These branded hotel chains are currently offering some excellent rental return programs that are becoming the most-talked-about investment opportunities in Pattaya. We have spent a great deal of time to research and find the best investment deals in Pattaya, all of which we have in our hands right now.

Drop us a line today to invest your money with a tried, tested and trusted branded hotel in Pattaya. We have the best opportunities right now, so don’t delay, or you might miss the chance of a lifetime.

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