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New Nordic Group teams up with Delaware USA Incorporated to offer the Pattaya Property market proper Investments

The New Nordic Group has since 2009 developed and sold apartment buildings, condominiums, Hotels and villas in existing and Crowdfunding emerging markets. As the Group saw an increased interest in purchasing real estate as pure investments, without the intention of using the apartment as their home or holiday home, we launched our “rental guarantee” and “cash back” schemes which have been very well received in Pattaya Property.

New Nordic Marcus


The New Nordic Group is now taking such kind of investments to the next level by offering more secure and more hassle-free investments with more options and even more exciting return schemes in a mix of guaranteed returns or more speculative returns with terms from 3 years to 15 years, and the possibility of receiving regular payments or lump-some growth.

We believe that with such new investment options we can now cater for investors of every kind.

The new investment options will offer you the following:

– Entry point starting at $5000 (approximately 170,000 THB)

– Your returns can be paid to any account in the world (subject only to you bearing the transfer costs)

– We offer a range of different products for you to nd your dream investment, ranging from
regular returns to capital gain and a profit share option

– The investment is hassle-free. You do not have to visit the country to register your title deed
or lease deed.

– You never have to worry about curtains, tiles, maintenance fees, sinking funds or juristic boards
anymore. You only invest for your returns, while we take care of the rest!

– Your investment is still secured by New Nordic Group assets, with the benefits of such assets being spread across buildings and locations. Also, you have the added security of making your investment through a Delaware US Corporation.

– We believe this is the new way of making real estate investments, and you can be a part of it from the start!

The New Nordic Group teamed up with the Delaware USA incorporated investment company Emerging Trends RE Corp, and together we are proud to announce a new and better way of making real estate investments.

Emerging Trends provides potential investors with a technology platform to make investments into the property from as little as $5,000 (approx. 170,000 THB) opening up property investing to the masses.

Completely legal, fully regulated and protected by USA law this is a safe way to invest your money.

Property or cash meaningfully secure all investment options offered by ET in conjunction with NNG that these are the safest types of investment available. The ET RE Corporation is structured in the following way:

This fund is secured by a charge over 98 completed New Nordic Group units in different projects.

• 7% rental guarantee net of the initial purchase price per annum where the NNG pays you directly in arrears on the 5th of the month.
• Rental guarantee payments made in Thailand monthly for payments above 3,5 MTHB. Quarterly payments for investments under 3,5 MTHB.
• Rental guarantee payments can be sent abroad quarterly
• 15-year term
• 100% return on investment (“buy back”) after 15 years Investments starting from $5000

Option 1: 5% return net of the initial purchase price per annum for a 3-year term and a 100% buyback at the end of the semester resulting in a 115% return on investment paid at the end of the period.
Option 2: 7% return net of the initial purchase price per annum for a 5-year term and a 100% buyback at the end of the semester resulting in a 135% return on investment paid at the end of the period.
Option 3: 10% return net of the initial purchase price per annum for a 10-year term and a 100% buyback at the end of the semester resulting in a 200% return on investment at the end of the period.
Option 4: 12% return net of the initial purchase price per annum for 15-years and a 100% buyback at the end of the term resulting in a 280% return on investment at the end of the period.

Please note that you will be paid at the end of the term (there are no monthly or yearly returns).
Investments starting at $5,000.

This fund is secured by a charge over the Marcus 4 and five land, with an agreement for the New Nordic
Group to develop a hotel project on the site.


Here is your chance to benefit from the vast knowledge and experience of New Nordic Group and take a share in the prots with us. If you are looking for an investment with higher potential returns this option is for you. We are developing hotel and condominiums projects all around Thailand, and as the development of Marcus 4 & 5 Hotel is starting we invite you to join in to enjoy the profits from work. We forecast the following:

• Term: 2-4 years (construction period)
• Profits anticipated being at 15% + per annum (predicted to a total of 40% gain)


The New Nordic Group warmly welcomes all existing clients to join our new venture and to invest in our new products. As a part of this, we would like to offer such current owners an exclusive “reinvestment program” where they can sign up to reinvest their rental guarantee from existing purchases into any of the three options above for a minimum of a one-year period.

This is the perfect alternative to the low returns received in the bank, which further opens the opportunity for you to have such performances sent to any destination in the world! The options will offer the following conditions:

• Reinvestments for a 12 months period at the time, with an automatic roll-over. Terms offered are three years, five years and ten years.
• Reinvestment can be into any of the options, and LLCs stated above
• The returns/capital gains will be calculated from the date of receiving the full USD 5000 into our accounts. At the same period, the term committed to will start.

The New Nordic Group reserves the right to offer you an early return on investment. If NNG does not offer this initial return on investment, the guarantee will be put into force after the end of the
investment term.

The regular “rental guarantee” scheme is backed by the New Nordic Group company and the unit itself. This new investment structure, however, offers even more secure investments as your returns are backed up by several assets spread across our buildings and projects. The investment options are further backed by the ETRE Corp, which is a US corporation.

The sales process for investments through the investment vehicle is as follows:
1. Choose your perfect investment option.
2. Contact your primary agency or sales representative who will refer you to the relevant website where you can sign up and find all related paperwork and information about the products.
3. Register on the website with your email. Your password will be sent to your inbox.
4. The confidential term sheet and a subscription agreement will be emailed to you. Please sign the papers and deliver to your agency or the New Nordic Group.
5. You will receive an email with confirmation and a copy of received documents co-signed by ET, in addition to an invoice of the amount invested.
6. Make your payment to the New Nordic Group, and send the payment slip to our office at
7. ET will provide you with the official receipt of received amount.
8. You have now successfully made your investment, and can start to enjoy its benefits!

Having invested in New Nordic Group assets, you will receive weekly news from the New Nordic Group, in addition to quarterly updates from New Nordic Group from the specific investment option
chosen and its related assets.

As the investment is made through an investment corporation, and you do not have to worry about local legal structures and projects specifications such as sinking fund, maintenance fees and registrations of title deeds.

We take care of all this so you can spend your time on essential things in life. Our job is to ensure that you receive your returns on time into your account – there are no hidden clauses or additional fees!

You will receive returns NET. Any tax obligations that might arise will be the responsibility of the

All New Nordic Group agencies can provide detailed information and guidance on how to make your investment. We encourage you to contact your preferred agent to ensure you get the personal reference point of your choice.

The New Nordic Group reserves the right to change, add and restrict the offerings from time to time without prior notice. The Group will also change this fact sheet from time to time, without being obligated to inform of such changes.


For the latest information and details contact the New Nordic Group, your agent or visit the investment website.

How do I know my investment is secured?
As it states in the memorandum, we have secured it by putting a charge over x-amount of properties.

What happens if NNG stops paying?
They will be in breach of their agreements and will be evicted from the properties.

What would happen if NNG were evicted?
It would be down to ETRE to find new tenants and manage the assets in the best interests of the investors.

What happens if ETRE went bankrupt?
We have already engaged with Blumenthal Richter and Summit to step in in the case of both companies going into liquidation or failing to meet the terms of their agreements (failing to pay the rental guarantee). They have been authorized to take possession of the assets and manage them or sell them accordingly and return the money to the investors. There would as such be no court
battles. Blumenthal Richter and Summet are one of Thailand’s largest law firms, established since 1976. We choose them as they have an American partner who specializes in real estate, so it was the perfect match.

Are the returns NET?

Is the US company buying the assets?
Yes, in compliance with local property rules. ET will have a charge over any investment for the benefit of the RCPS holder Like a mortgage; it has the first command over all the assets, so in the event of liquidation the customers would get their capital and any interest owed to them before anyone else.

What is the exact relation between the ETRE and NNG?
They are two separate companies working together to offer a technical platform for the new type of real estate investments in SE Asia. ETRE Corp is a US investment cooperation that decided to invest in NNG on behalf of its clients and to also offer to new client’s investments. ETRE and NNG have agreed on further future investments.

What happens if the other investments that ETRE is doing go wrong? How will it affect my investment?
The assets purchased in this offering are placed in a segregated LLC company, the company has no purpose other than to act as a vehicle to provide a loan/mortgage and hold a charge over the properties. It will never be affected by anything else ETRE might do. It is purely an asset holding company for the benefit of the RCPS holders.

Can the customer cash in his investment early?
Not officially, however, ETA will purchase investments back on an ongoing basis. Investors are also welcome to sell them privately any time they like.

Content by: Emerging Trends Advisors & New Nordic Group


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