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Siam Casa Pattaya Rental Return Guarantee Q&A

Life is not about problems or questions… it’s more about answers and solutions. We are sure you have many questions about what we do at Siam Casa Pattaya, but to save your time emailing us with your queries, our below FAQ section should answer the most important issues regarding rental return programs.

1. What is ‘Carefree Rental Guarantee’?

‘Carefree’ rental guarantee is when you sign a rental return agreement with a developer when you buy a property which not only promises you contractually a set percentage return on your investment each year but also manages the renting out of your property and the management of your investment. This is the best option for those of you who already have jobs and commitments and don’t want to be bogged down trying to not only find renters for your property but to manage your property and the people who rent your property. Most developers offer a carefree rental guarantee, which means you can only sit back and wait for your returns with the minimum amount of fuss.

2. What is Rental Guarantee?

Rental Guarantee is a fixed percentage return on your investment. When purchasing a Pattaya property, many developers offer a rental guarantee that is an annual percentage of the money you will receive from your investment. This promises you a return on your investment, and if the rental guarantee is via a developer, they will have to pay you the agreed return fee.

3. What does Rental Guarantee Mean?

When purchasing a Pattaya condo for investment reasons, many developers offer a rental return guarantee. Rental guarantees are programs that allow the developers to rent out your property to holidaymakers or renters while providing you a fixed and guaranteed rental return on your investment per annum.

4. What is Guaranteed Rental Return?

This is the amount, usually in a percentage form, that you receive annually after signing your rental guarantee program for your property purchase. The average rental return rate is between 5% and 8% per annum. This is your percentage of the returns that are made by the said developer renting out your property to potential renters.

5. What is Guaranteed Rental Income?

This is the amount of money you receive each year on the returns made from renting out your property. The whole idea of signing a rental return agreement is that you make back money on your investment in the form of a guaranteed rental income figure. Whether your property is rented out fully or not, you will receive guaranteed rental income as agreed in the rental return guarantee contract.

6. What is Rental Guarantee Insurance?

Rental guarantee insurance is an optional cover that helps protect you, the property owner/renter, from the potential of tenants not paying their rent as agreed. Although this is not a compulsory feature, it is important if you want to be covered against all eventualities.

7. Why is a Rental Return Scheme Good for Investors?

Many people choose to speculate to accumulate in investment terms. Sometimes we find a very affordable property we want to buy either with the aim of using it to make back money or for somewhere you would like to live when you retire or sometime in the future. If you buy a property with long-term aims, signing a rental return scheme can ensure you make back returns and let your investment work for you while you are not residing there.

8. How Long do Rental Return Guarantee Programs Last?

It all depends on what you are looking for and what the said developer offers. Many developers offer 1, 2, 3, 5 and up to 10-year rental return plans, and the percentage of rental return income you receive per annum will be based on the length of your rental return package with the longest yielding the best percentages.

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