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Why Investing in Hotel-Branded Condos in Pattaya Makes More Sense.

Posted by Siam Casa Pattaya Property on March 13, 2017
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The world of business is always evolving and never stays still for too long.

It’s normal that you must keep on top of what is unfolding in the marketplace if you are vying for success. When it comes to investing in business in Pattaya, the real estate market was the Holy Grail, but not anymore. The most lucrative and reliable investment opportunities, in the current marketplace, are defined by hotel-branded condominiums and their active guaranteed rental return programs.

In this day and age, more and more investors in Pattaya are opting for the guaranteed rental return programs on hotel-branded condos instead of the investment opportunities in the Pattaya real estate market. Here are a few reasons why hotel-branded condominiums are much more desirable and lucrative than investing in the Pattaya real estate market.

Hotel-Branded Condos are more reliable

Who would you trust? A worldwide hotel brand or a fly-by-night real estate developer? Exactly! It’s a no-brainer. Large hotel names such as The Hilton and Amari are trust and reliability personified. There is a reason why they dominate the marketplace, and it comes down to professionalism and doing things the right way.

If you had the choice of investing in a rental returns program with the Joe Bloggs Development Group or The Hilton, who would you trust?

Larger Marketing Budgets

Large hotel chains have massive marketing budgets that not only reach out across the world via the internet but are also instigated and organised by marketing specialists. We are not saying that smaller-scale real estate developers don’t have good marketing budgets and robust marketing plans, but they just can’t compete with the larger hotel brands, especially when it comes to marketing their properties online.

Better Locations and facilities

When it comes to the best holiday-style and convenient locations in Pattaya close to the beach and Walking Street, condo developments just can’t match the larger hotel chains. This is also true when it comes to onsite facilities. If you were marketing your condo for rental returns towards holidaymakers, would they opt for a beachfront hotel in a prime location with 5-star onsite facilities, or a condo development that caters more to residential folks on a tight budget? The answer is yet again very simple

Solid Returns on Investment

One of the most concerned trends in the Pattaya real estate market in recent years has been the vast oversupply of condo developments, especially in areas such as Jomtien or huge condo resorts with over 1,000+ units. This massive influx of condos has taken its toll on the marketplace. This has caused havoc with those who have bought into existing gimmick rental return programs in Pattaya condo developments.

Plain and simply put: On the other hand,  stable, guaranteed rental return programs in hotel-branded condos are backed by multi-million-dollar marketing budgets and by the name of such high-class brands like Best Western, Ramada and Amari. If your property rentals don’t reach the agreed total, large hotel chains will still pay out their promised rental returns. This can be a little sketchier when discussing smaller-scale real estate companies. It’s all about trust and reliability, which large hotel brands have in abundance.

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