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Will Donald Trump effect the Pattaya Property Market for Investors?

Posted by Siam Casa Pattaya Property on February 7, 2017
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With the inauguration of Donald Trump as the 95th President of the United States occurring on the 20 January and the increased feeling that Great Britain will adopt a “Hard Brexit” it appears that there is even more economic uncertainty at the present time. Sterling and the FTSE both fell with the expectation of a Hard Brexit whilst in many eyes Trump is still seen as something as a loose cannon and an unknown quantity.

Uncertainty is not something that investors, as a general rule at least, enjoy and it is times like this when the stable investments are sought and speculators perhaps look towards arbitrage. Investments such as gold and property are increasingly attractive as investors look to hedge against uncertainty with some choosing to steer away from investments in US dollars and Sterling. Investors who are looking for either stability or real returns are cautious and evaluating all options.

Investors who are naturally cautious will be looking at returns to match inflation whilst the ultra-cautious will just be looking the avoid losing any money in the short term. Most investors are still prepared to accept some risk although obvious want to keep this to the minimum but are exploring all the available alternatives. It is these types of investors who are likely to be consider investing in overseas property markets where returns can quite realistically touch 10% for what would be deemed low to medium risk.

Obviously, these types of returns are not available across the board and due diligence certainly needs to be carried out. It goes without saying that investment properties need to be purchased in areas where there is a high demand but there also needs to be a stable political and economic environment. Countries that are experience high but sustainable growth are naturally attractive and rental properties connected to tourism, especially built metaphorically on firm foundations are also sound investments.

Rental guarantees are pretty much what all property investors are looking for but they will need to be reliable and from developers who have a proven track record, concrete business plan and suitable cashflow. If you can find something along these lines, then you won’t go far wrong especially if the developer in question still maintains a level of interest in the project after completion.

One such example of this type of investment is available from the New Nordic Group who are based in Thailand but have other developments springing up around South East Asia and beyond. At the present time, they are offering returns of 10% p.a. for periods of five to twenty years. This type of offer has been available from the group for a decade now so the experienced management team and sound business plan should give investors’ confidence.

The infrastructure that is already setup around these projects is truly first class and only low occupancy rates are required to ensure that the group makes a profit even in the low season. Bookings are taken from both domestic and international tour operators – often months, even years in advance so the long-term prospects are again excellent.

If you are looking for an alternative investment, offering superb returns away from dollar or sterling denominations, the New Nordic could be the perfect investment for you.

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